Looking to drop a few inches but just don’t know where to start? There’s a slew of information on weight loss on the internet and we know this can often leave you feeling confused. Fret not, this article may very well help you cut through the clutter and navigate your way to a lighter body.

Is the inch loss body wrap effective in achieving your summer beach body? Here, we’ll explain everything you’ll need to know about this body wrap method and hope to answer the most burning questions on your mind!

How does the inch loss body wrap work?

The wrap works through a process called lipolysis, the removal of unwanted fat from targeted areas. First, fat cells are broken down into fatty acids and excreted out of your body through your lymph vessels and tissue fluids (So, don’t feel surprised if you find yourself visiting the loo a little more often than usual after the treatment!) Then, after the wrap is removed, the oil from the treatment continues working into your skin for up to 72 hours to achieve optimal results.

What happens during the procedure?

We’ll first carefully measure your body and record down your inches before we apply our ‘Honey I Shrunk’ oil. Next, we’ll wrap you in our special heat generating ‘Wrapture’ and let you get comfortable on a heated bed with warm blankets. All it takes is just 60 minutes for this treatment to work. After the treatment, we’ll unwrap you gently and measure you right away so you can see immediate results on your total body inch loss.

What’s more? While you’re relaxing with the wrap on the heated bed, you can even pass the time with a soothing facial, eyelash or eyebrow tint or eyebrow wax. How’s that for multi-tasking!

3. Is it safe?

Yes, this should be the least of your worries – it’s definitely safe for both women and men. It’s totally non-invasive, pain-free, effortless and no mess! The procedure is carried out by our experienced and qualified professionals, and we’ll make sure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire process.

4. Will one session be enough to see results?

One treatment is enough to see visible results. As mentioned above, we’ll measure you immediately after the treatment, so you can see the number of inches lost. But remember not to wash off the oil until the next day so it can continue to work its magic for up to 72 hours!

Since this treatment permanently destroys your fat cells, you’ll only grow new ones if you start eating excessively or unhealthily. With that said, go easy on your calorie intake and practice mindful eating to maintain those inches! To maximise these results, we also recommend that you couple this treatment with a bit of physical exercise.

5. What are some of the other visible benefits?

The main benefit is that you’re able to remove fat from targeted areas without any hassle or discomfort. But besides the noticeable weight loss, this treatment will also give you softer, smoother skin and a firmer, tighter body shape. Simply put, it sculpts your body and nourishes your skin. Plus, apart from looking great, you’ll also feel great!

If you’ve still got questions about the treatment or if you’re thinking about giving it a go, don’t hesitate to ring us at 01752 246875 or drop us a note at info@glowsaltash.com and we’ll put your mind at ease. If you’re nearby, head over to our clinic at 15 Fore Street, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6AF to book your treatment. Rest assured that you’ll be in good hands! Pricing info can be found on our Inch Loss page x