Semi-Permanent Makeup in Saltash

Semi-Permanent Makeup is a cutting edge aesthetic treatment, which employs the latest techniques to achieve lasting colour and definition. Tiny particles of pigment are inserted into the upper layers  of the skin in order to enhance the features. This procedure is applied in order to enhance appearance. The most advanced equipment is used during our Semi-Permanent Makeup Procedures.

Semi Permanent makeup is applied in order to save time and hassle associated with applying makeup every day, to  improve features or enhance your natural look due to health or lifestyle. Our popular Semi-Permanent treatments include: eyeliner – whether that is pencil or liquid, lipstick and natural lip colours, and Microblading, which is our most popular Semi-Permanent Makeup procedure. We strive in working with you and creating a look that enhances your features in the most natural, beautiful and long lasting way. If you are interested in having Semi-Permanent Makeup call, email or message us on Facebook to book a free consultation.

Our most popular Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment at Glow is Microblading, which is performed at our sister salon Glow Lash & Brow Bar, which is a couple doors down from Glow Tanning Nails & Beauty. 

Check out our Microblading service at Glow Lash & Brow Bar here. 

Picture of semi-permanent makeup
Microblading Picture
Lady having microblading applied
Microblading Picture

Microblading in Saltash

Microblading is the semi-permanent secret to the illusion of fuller brows that look completely natural. Microblading is a long lasting and natural looking solution to sparse brows, which involves implanting pigment on the epidermis layer of your skin, using a manual and handheld microblading pen containing ultra fine needles. Our Microblading Technician Wini Ough will etch fine featherweight strokes to create the illusion of fine, realistic and natural hair strokes, as well as achieve a fuller look.

Microblading Procedure 

  • The brows are shaped, cleaned up and prepared for treatment
  • Numbing cream is then applied for 30 minutes, whilst you will be shown colour swatches and Wini will discuss with you your desired look
  • Wini will then measure the area around your brows, taking into account your face shape, symmetry and facial features
  • Wini will then begin the needling process, gently etching the pigment through fine featherweight strokes. Each stroke will be a superficial line in the skin where the colour pigment will seep in and settle
  • A final layer of pigment will then be added, Wini will then clean the area surrounding your brows and show you your new beautiful bespoke brows

Free Microblading Top Up

You will need a top up session, which will take place 6-8 weeks after your appointment. This is the time where Wini will assess the first steps and add in any further strokes as well as add a darker pigment if desired.

Microblading at Glow Lash & Brow Bar 

Our Microblading service takes place at our Lash & Brow Bar, which is a couple doors down the street and is performed by our fully qualified, educated, and experienced Microblading Technician Wini Ough. Wini is ABT recognised as well as fully insured and licensed, and has a strong foundation of returning clients, which is still rapidly growing. Wini uses a handheld Microblading pen containing ultra fine needles, where she creates a completely bespoke shape dependant on every individual. Wini receives nothing other than 5 star feedback, where she performs her microblading service on women of all ages. 

Microblading by Wini Ough

Microblading example by Wini Ough
Microblading example by Wini Ough
Microblading example by Wini Ough

I had my first ever Microblading experience with Wini, who was very helpful and explained everything. I didn’t have any eyebrows and I am not good with pain therefore I didn’t know what to expect. Wini was really supportive and the procedure wasn’t painful, just slightly uncomfortable. It was a real surprise seeing myself with eyebrows! Thank you Wini for giving me brows again.

Sarah Skelton

I had my eyebrows microbladed by Wini this morning and I am in love with my new brows! Wini made me feel so comfortable and relaxed about the procedure and was brilliant when explaining everything, including aftercare. I can’t thank Wini enough for the confidence my new brows have given me!

Lauren Wray

Absolutely over the moon with my brows. Wini pays very close attention to detail and ensures perfection with her work. Looking forward to my top up session, thank you!

Stacey O'Brien

Photo of Wini Ough

Fully Qualified, Licensed & Experienced Microblading Techniciain

Microblading Technician Wini Ough is fully qualified, educated and experienced, as well as ABT recognised, insured and licensed. Wini has built up a strong foundation of clients around the Saltash and Plymouth area, as a result of her excellent reputation and highly positive feedback. Wini is a friendly professional, where she will leave you feeling relaxed and reassured before, during and after your appointment. Wini is renowned for treating every individual, where she has an extensive range of coloured pigments, which are tailored to suit everyone. A large proportion of Wini’s clients are women who have lost brow hair, either through age or alopecia, where Wini reconstructs brows from scratch to achieve the perfect fullness, thickness and arch.