Million Dollar Facials in Saltash

The Million Dollar Facial is the only facial in the world to combine some of the best non surgical procedures on the market. This treatment is rapidly growing in popularity with our clients at Glow. This facial treatment is designed to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and removes peach fuzz, leaving you with polished and glowing skin. This facial works from the outside in and helps to stimulate and increase the skins natural collagen and cell production.

Where Science Meets Indulgence 

This treatment will heavily increase the absorption of any active ingredients by 80% opposed to 8% and includes the use of a hyaluronic acid mask and serums leaving maximum results. The Million Dollar Facial removes peach fuzz, flushes toxins, increases and stimulates your natural collagen, boosts cell turnover and polishes the skin.

The Million Dollar Process 

The Million Dollar facial starts with one of our facial experts double cleansing the skin, removing oil, dirt and dead skin cells, which is followed by toning. After the first two practices have been completed our expert will then perform a skin analysis and apply a dermabalm, which is used to rehydrate and revitalise dry and damaged skin. This is followed by a dermaplaning treatment, where one of our experts will use a surgical blade to buff away dead skin cells and perform a deep exfoliation. Dermaplaning rids your skin of clogged pores, vellus hair and makeup build, and creates clear channels into the skin as well as a soft and glowing skin surface. Million Dollar serum will then be applied to the skin, which contains completely natural and organic ingredients to ensure that skin is hydrated. This is then followed by a microneedling, where small fine needles on the roller puncture the skin. The holes that the needles help to break down scar tissue. The expert will then perform a lymphatic massage, which increases blood flow and is achieved through gentle and effective brushing motions. After this process is complete, hydrating and brighten boosters are applied to the skin. The expert will then apply more of the Million Dollar serum and your face will be left exfoliated, hydrated and glowing.

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Bridie Charlesworth

Platinum Certified Beauty Expert

Bridie is fully qualified, educated and experienced as a certified Dermaplane UK Platinum Technician. This ensures that she has undergone advanced training at a Dermaplaning Training Centre and is now an elite trained technician to the highest standards. Bridie receives nothing other than 5 star feedback and has built up a foundation of returning clients around Plymouth and Saltash. Bridie will talk you through each process of the Million Dollar Facial while she performs the treatment, she will also explain the benefits and instruct you on aftercare.

Bridie Charlesworth

Beauty Expert

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Absolutely loved my Million Dollar Facial with Bridie, I just can’t believe the results! I highly recommend, thank you so much! 

Claire Hart

I had the best facial today with Bridie, the Million Dollar Facial. It was so good for my skin, I’ve never felt so relaxed! Such a friendly salon that I would highly recommend to anyone!

Emma Davis

I have been using Glow Tanning Nails & Beauty for a year now, mainly for facials. I usually have the Million Dollar Facial with Bridie, who is always so professional and talks you through every step along with the benefits.

Faye Aston

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Our Million Dollar Facial is not just a short term fix as it increases the skins absorption levels by up to 80% opposed to 8%, meaning all your skincare products will absorb deeper into the skin and therefore give you more long term benefits. It is also effective in creating a brighter and more even skin tone as well as reducing scarring and pigmentation. For those of you that prefer to avoid Aesthetic treatments to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, the Million Dollar Facial is the ultimate alternative.

Mini Million Dollar Facial 

At Glow we understand that our clients can be under a strict time schedule or on a budget, which is why we’ve introduced the Mini Million Dollar Facial. This is the perfect introduction to the Million Dollar Facial and all of its benefits. You will receive a full skin analysis, as well a bespoke skincare plan on top of your Mini Million Dollar treatment.

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Image of Million Dollar Facial Products
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