Dermaplaning in Saltash

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair, also known as peach fuzz. This skin treatment has been used for decades and has recently become popular as a celebrity must have treatment. Using a scalpel and a delicate touch, the technician simply abrades the surface of the skin using light feathering strokes.

Many clients are often concerned that the hair will grow back heavier and darker after dermaplaning. This is not the case. As long as the hair is superficial vellus hair, it will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment.This has been proven with Dermaplane Aesthetics Uk where records have been recorded on a regular basis. 

Removing epidermal skin allows products to penetrate more readily into the deeper layers. This treatment is recommended to prepare the skin for medical procedures such as laser treatments or deep chemical peels. It may be used by a skin therapist to prepare the skin for superficial chemical peels or before a cleansing facial. Dermaplaning is mostly used on people with rough and dry skin, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment results in a more refined, smooth, glowing appearance.

Dermaplaning removes surface dead skin cells and removes unwanted facial hair, leaving skin with a healthy glow and incredibly smooth and polished texture. This is a non-traumatic method for skin rejuvenation and accenuates facial feautures. Dermaplaning allows topical treatments and skincare to be absorbed more readily into the deeper layers of the skin and allows makeup to glide effortlessly for a flawless finish. Dermaplaning is the exfoliation treatment of choice for extremely sensitive skin, redness, rosacea and visible facial scars.

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A Woman having Dermaplaning
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A Woman having Dermaplaning
Dermaplaning What We Do

Dermaplane UK Aesthetics

We pride ourselves in using the highest quality skincare products and providers in order to achieve perfect results, which is why we use the leading training providers Dermaplane UK Aesthetics as part of our dermaplaning treatments. Our skin experts Bridie and Rio have all been trained, educated and certified by Dermaplane UK Aesthetics. Our skincare products that we use as part of our dermaplaning services have all been handcrafted by Dermaplane UK Aesthetics, and are 100% natural and organic. Our skincare range contains an extensive range of natural ingredients, which includes 85% of Fair Trade organic shea butter and vitamin E, which are antioxidants well known for delaying skin ageing and boosting collagen production. Our skincare is also crafted with lavendar floral water, which is an excellent tonic for skin, due to its anti-bacterial properties which help to naturally cleanse deep down the skin pores, while its soothing properties calm irritated skin. All of our Dermaplane UK Aesthetics skincare is 100% alcohol free and highly moisturising.

Dermaplaning Procedure 

  • Makeup is removed and skin is double cleansed with Dermaplane Aesthetics cleanser and makeup remover
  • The skin is then degreased with Dermaplane Aesthetics organic lavendar water degreaser, cleanser and toner
  • Derabalm is then massaged into the skin in order to achieve an effective procedure
  • One of our highly educated and qualified beauty experts will use a surgical blade at a 45 degree angle to perform a deep exfoliation and scrape the build up of dirt and oils in and around the skin and vellus hair
  • After Dermaplaning has been completed Dermaplane Aesthetics rich face cream is massaged and moisturised into the skin in order to create a glowing and polished complexion

Dermaplane UK Aesthetics Certified Beauty Experts

Our beauty and skin experts are full qualified, educated and experienced as Dermaplane UK Aesthetics Technicians. This ensures that our experts Bridie and Rio have undergone advanced training at a Dermaplaning Training Centre and are now elite trained technicians to the highest standards. Our experts receive nithing other than 5 star feedback and have built up a foundation of returning clients around Plymouth and Saltash. Bridie, Lauren or Rio will talk you through each process of the Dermaplaning procedure while they perform your treatment, they will also explain the benefits and instruct you on aftercare.

Upgrade to Dermaplaning with an Enzyme Peel

Allow your skin to look brighter, smoother, glowing and youthful. Dermaplaning enhances the results of chemical and enzyme peels, allowing the healthy antioxidants and chemicals to penetrate deeper into your skin. Chemical and enzyme peels are fabulous for improving your skin tone and texture, discolouration, fine lines and for giving you a brighter, more radiant appearance.

Add LED Light Therapy for £10

Led Light Therapy works to calm the skin and starts the cell regeneration process after Dermaplaning. This recharges your skin cells in order for them to work faster, making this the perfect add on to Dermaplaning for acne, sensitive skin and redness. Dermaplaning also removes the build-up of makeup and dead skin cells, making it easier for the LED Light to penetrate into the skin – maximising results.

Dermaplane Aesthetics Educated, Experienced and Certified Technicians

Bridie Charlesworth

Bridie Charlesworth

Bridie Charlesworth

Charlett Lynn

Rio Anderson

I had Dermaplaning done with Bridie this morning, it was fabulous and my skin feels amazing! Will certainly be coming back for more, thank you Glow!

Rachel Butler

I had dermaplaning done with Rio, my skin feels so soft today! Thank you.

Kelly Louise

Would you like more appointment availability?

Please note that Rio performs Dermaplaning at our sister salon Glow Lash & Brow Bar, which is only a couple doors down from Glow Tanning Nails & Beauty. If you would like a larger variation of dates and times, please visit the dermaplaning page on the Lash & Brow Bar’s website where they also have online booking.